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Coastal Carolina Decorative Painters is a South Carolina Chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP). Our Chapter gathers on the first Saturday of each month for a business meeting followed by a painting project. Projects are taught by our chapter members and nationally known teachers. Our members enjoy painting in all mediums (acrylic, oil, fabric, silk, watercolor) and are always ready to experience something new and different...

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May 5: Sherry Allison (flowers)
August 25: Mary Ann Turner (Gourds)

Save the dates:

October 5-6 (Friday and Saturday)
November 3rd

March Blue Heron Class...
See the fantastic job everyone did with their blue herons, not a dud in the bunch.  They all came out as good as any you see for sale, I was so impressed with everyone's ability.
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2018 Library Display
Set up was done by Joan, thanks Joan, well done...